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When it comes to our commercial awnings, we have a great range of different awning & side screen options along with different fabrics, and colours available for you to choose from!

With minimal maintenance required and motorised open and close functions available commercial awnings are guaranteed to provide you with the most efficient outdoor experience for your space.

We have a large range of retractable awnings available that can cover nearly any area.

Our popular commercial awnings can be fitted to any location, but the more popular options are.

  • Hotel Awnings
  • Pub, Café & Restaurant awnings
  • School Awnings
  • Office Awnings

You can check out more detail on each of our induvial awnings along with information about fabric colours, cassette colours & accessories that can be added to your awning please click here.

We are pleased to be able to offer custom-made brackets available to ensure you will not be disappointed with the result.

What are the benefits of a commercial awning at your business?

    • Increased usable space possibly for that extra seating area.

    • UV & waterproof protection – All our awning fabrics are Scotchguard & Teflon coated.

    • Provides shade & shelter.

    • Extra visibility & branding

To find out more information please give us a call at 01202 741671 and we will be happy to provide more details or organise a no-obligation appointment for your quote.

Commercial Awning FAQ

Yes, please check our awning page by clicking here and this will take you to all the different awning styles we can supply.  

No, unfortunately, the ripped fabric cannot be saved. 

Yes, all our awning fabrics are waterproof along with Teflon & Scotchgard protected 

You can use your awning in most weather conditions there are a few exceptions though. We would not recommend using an awning in strong winds, heavy rain, or snow.   

Your awning is guaranteed with us for a total of 5 years.  

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