Awning Refurbishment, Recovers & Repairs

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Awning & Canopy Refurbishment, Recovers & Repairs

Does your awning still have lots of life left in it, but the fabric just needs a freshen-up ahead of the new season or a big event? No problem! Canopy & Awning recovers & repairs are a simple & cost-effective way to breathe new life into your awning.   

We can replace torn & beyond-repair fabrics from our wide range of fabrics that are available to us. Please click here to view the 150+ fabrics available to us and you.  

Check out our FAQ’S which will hopefully answer your questions but give us a call at 01202 741671 for more information or to organise a FREE no-obligation appointment with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Awnings

Yes, we cover Commercial as well as Residential. For replacement awning fabric we can sign write the fabric to ensure your business is always well-represented. Check out our commercial awning page for more information.

The simple answer is no, unless the awning was purchased from us we do not have access to the component parts to repair your awning.

Yes, we will be able to come out & access what new part is required then we will be able to give you the cost for the repair.

Yes, please check our awning page by clicking here and this will take you to all the different awning styles we can supply.

No, unfortunately, the ripped fabric cannot be saved.

Yes, depending on the size we may be able to take it down and recover it at your premise or we may need to take it back to our workshop, change the fabric over, clean the components up and then return it to you. This is all factored into your appointment time.

Yes, all our awning fabrics are waterproof along with Teflon & Scotchgard protected.

Yes, we will always advise if we feel an awning is no longer safe for use along with leaving you a quote for a like-for-like replacement where possible.

Yes, we have an awning fabric book here, but we will not be able to provide a quote without sending someone over to access the awning.

No, all our awning fabrics are the same price.

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