Why Should You Upgrade to A Motorised Blind?

Electrical Operated Blinds

Motorised blinds have always been seen as a premium product but not anymore! You can add their sleek & tidy finish to your home giving you the option to make your home or office unique to your needs. 

With the rising costs of energy bills, we understand motorisation may not be the way you are thinking of going but at the press of a button or set schedules, you have control at the push of a button. Motorisation helps us think differently about how we can add privacy and shade to our windows all from the push of a button. 

What are the Benefits of Motorised Blinds?

Ease of use

With a simple press of a button, motorised blinds give you more than just a window covering, it gives you privacy along with controlling the amount of light you want coming in.  With the technology of home hubs, you can pre-set the schedules for the movement of not just one but multiple blinds at different locations in your home or office. You can connect them to smart home gadgets like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and operate the blinds with voice commands for added ease.

Multiple blinds in one room.

No problem! You can control multiple blinds individually or all together to give you the flexibility you need for your home.

Completely Wireless

With rechargeable motors, there are no loose wires or connections ensuring not only a neat finish to your blind but also ensuring the safety of your children and pets. They will require charging now & again but on average, this is done once every 6 months & your blind normally beeps to tell you it’s getting low on battery. There is also a hardwired option for motorisation (please see the provide coverage section). All motorised blinds are also completely child-safe by design as recognised by the BBSA.

Provide coverage for hard-to-reach spaces

Got that hard-to-reach area? Not a problem with Mains Motorisation you are able to hardwire a motorised roller blind into that area, meaning it always has power & it’s always fully charged.  

In case, you didn’t know; you can also have motorised internal roof roller systems too. This will make it easier for you to enjoy natural light effortlessly.


Motorised roller blinds can be a helpful asset for any home, we have found them to have great benefit to those who have disabilities or mobility limitations. Making life easier, they can control blinds with just a press of a button from their favourite armchair.

Durable and Affordable

Roller blinds are durable & don’t entail any complicated mechanics. Their simple-to-operate system can be put into any room of your home. Our roller blinds are made of high-quality fabric with lots of variety of patterns (Blackout & Non-Blackout) & colours available. With a neat cassette/pelmet also available to hide the roll of fabric, with motors or a control chain our blinds come together to be both incredibly durable and affordable.

Make your room feel bigger

The overall design of motorised roller blinds is compact, sleek, and elegant. The right blind can completely change the look & feel of your room along with providing your room with a spacious look.

Lower your electricity bills

Lowering your blind throughout the day will help insulate your home and save on energy costs. You can schedule the raising and lower of motorised roller blinds for set hours of the day or control them at the press of a button.

Enhance Privacy

Motorised blinds are a great solution if your windows are close to a neighbour’s house or if passers-by can easily peek through your windows from the street. Lower your shades with a single touch at any time of the day to stop those nosy neighbours!

We could keep going with all the benefits of motorisation but if you want to know more or upgrade your windows with motorised roller blinds, call us today on TEL: 01202 741671.

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