Motorised Blinds

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Electrical operated blinds

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Motorised Blinds are on the Rise. 

Motorised blinds have always been seen as a premium product but not anymore! You can add their sleek & tidy finish to your home or office meaning your blinds can fit your unique to your needs.  

With many styles of motorised blinds available, we can ensure a neat finish without any dangling control chains making them child-safe & adding to that slick modern look. They are user-friendly and simple to operate using a remote control, smartphone app*, or voice command with your home hub*. 

Electrical Operated Blinds

Besides providing ease of use they offer multiple other benefits such as allowing you to fine-tune your home’s shading, atmospherics, ambience, and security.

Styles of Blinds Available Motorised –

  • Roller Blind
  • Vision Blind
  • Vertical Blind – tilt only
  • Venetian Blind
  • Roof Blinds
  • Allusion Blind – tilt only
  • Velux
  • Perfect Fit Roller
  • Pleated Blinds

With the option of lots of fabrics & options available per style of blind you choose, they look fantastic while helping you save money on energy consumption.

Features of our Electrically Operated blinds

  • Provide coverage for hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Electrical-operated blinds provide you with better privacy.
  • Great selection of products
  • Electronic remote-control options available
  • Mains and rechargeable motorisation available on roof blinds

Why electrically operated blinds?

Whether for convenience or necessity, electrically operated blinds will make life easier. By simply pressing the remote you can open or close the blinds to suit you.

With both rechargeable & hard-wired options available you have complete flexibility to whatever the best option is for your home.

*Available with a additional hub system.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you plug in your charger to the blind the plug has a light on it, it will stay Red until the blind is charged and change to green.

No, we do not recommend leaving your rechargeable motor plugged in as this can become a fire hazard.

 Yes, unfortunately, all these blinds are different so please give us a call on 01202 741671 and we will be more than happy to help.

Tilt only means it will control the tilt on the track so your slats will open and close rather than control the whole blind for you. 

 No, our chargers are like a phone charger so you can use an extension cable to charge your blind if required.

 You will need a separate box to be able to do this so it can connect to your Alexa system. Please make our team aware this is what you want to do so we can ensure we order the additional parts.  

Yes! This is no problem to do. Give us a call to schedule on 01202 741671. 

Yes! We can replace most motors depending on the age of the motor. Give us a call to book in today. 



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