The Shutter Style Guide for Your Home

Shutter Style Guide

The tree is in place, and the fire is on but there’s something missing. Could it be your window dressings? This guide will give you some insight into the wonderful world of shutters.

Shutters are the most popular window covering thanks to their flexibility and timeless elegance they can look incredible in any property, but, with multiple options to go for it can be confusing to navigate your way.

All shutter blinds are plantation style but there are key differences depending on what you want to gain from your window covering so check out our breakdown below.  

Full Height Shutters.

This all-rounder shutter style is great for any room in your home from your lounge & bedroom to even your bathrooms. Full-height shutter blinds offer a complete window covering that lets a lot of light in but also can be tilted to ensure your privacy along with adding a great layer of insulation helping through not only these colder months but in the summer to block out the UV rays.  

This style of shutter is available with mid-rail or split tilt options allowing you to have complete flexibility as you can have the top part & bottom bar of the shutters working independently.


Café Shutters.  

Café Shutters also known as French Shutters are a fantastic yet simple solution of a window covering that only covers the bottom part of the window ensuring your privacy from the passers-by on the road or overlooking noisy neighbours while still allowing a flood of natural light through the top part of your window.

This shutter type is great for your lounge, kitchen, or dining area where you are looking for privacy or for rooms with Accentuated window features thanks to their continental feel & chic design.

Café Style Shutter

Shaped Shutters

No matter the size or shape we can make a shutter that can fit your window. From port-hole circular windows through to gothic church windows we can make it work. Specialist shapes help you take back your privacy & light exposure in a room meaning your home can be your own. Shaped Shutters are often crafted out of a full plastic system for bathrooms along with real wood options for any other rooms of your home.

Shaped Shutter

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier is a great combination for those who want the full privacy option of Full Height Shutters and the maximum light offered by the Café style. These shutters look just like the full-height option but are made of 2 individual panels that work independently.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Solid Shutters

This style shutter is a great way to ensure maximum privacy when closed as there are no louvres to move and all the light can flood into your room when they are open.  This is made from a hardwood range to help provide a classic full shutter look.

This style of shutter is great for heat & noise insulation offering a great blackout solution along with increased security.

Solid Shutter

Materials & Colours

Among the style differences listed above, we offer MDF, Plastic & Hardwood shutters in a variety of colours & wood stains along with multiple slat sizes from 47mm through to 114mm.

Materials & Colours

Tilts & Controls

All our shutters are available with Rod Control or Hidden Tilt. Hidden Tilt is a more popular option as many do not want the tilt rod running down the shutter centre or either side.

Rod Control

Here at Insignia Shade & Shutter company, we are proud to provide a three-year guarantee. If you are interested in finding out more about it, please contact our team on 01202 741671 or via the contact form below!

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