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Bring style into your home with our collection of solid shutters.

As implied by the name, solid shutters are exactly that they have solid wood panels instead of slats so do not let the light in. This style is operated by opening or closing the entire shutter panel itself. This shutter style does provide a more traditional aesthetic to your home, and these are a popular option for Sash windows or period properties.

With this product being a solid panel, they do have the benefit of being a good blackout option.
Solid panel shutters can be used as a café style shutter for the bottom part of the window while also offering the louvred option for the top part of your window. This style will not be suitable for bathrooms or any other areas which are likely to be high in moisture, as they are only available in a hardwood range.

What Can these Solid Shutters Offer me?

  • Blackout due to their solid design.
  • Heat Insulating & Noise Reducing
  • Allows full natural light through the window when open.
  • In a range of colours to suit all rooms.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customisation

Why choose our Solid shutters?

Quality solid shutters look great when combined with our excellent fitting service, they cannot be beaten. All our solid shutters are competitively priced and available in a variety of colours and styles.

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