Venetian Blinds Bournemouth

venetian blinds bournemouth

Venetian blinds are a sleek shading solution for any room in your home. Insignia Shade and Shutter Company in Bournemouth can offer a range of Venetian blind designs in high quality material to suit you. Venetian blinds are a slat designed blind that can be controlled via a cord to change the amount of light let through the window into the room. To discuss your Venetian blinds requirements for your Bournemouth property get in touch with Insignia Shade and Shutter Company today on 01202 741671 or pop-in to our Bournemouth blinds showroom.

Venetian Blinds Style

The horizontal slacks of Venetian blinds are a contemporary style that can suit both modern and rustic homes. Suitable for all types of room including lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms; these blinds give you control over privacy and light. Venetian blinds use a pull cord system to adjust the angle of the blinds, from letting in some light to blocking it out completely. It also has a cord that enables you to wind up the slacks of the blinds and reveal the window. For your Venetian blinds get in contact with Insignia Shade and Shutter Company in Bournemouth who will be able to help you find the perfect Venetian blinds for your home.

Venetian Blinds Material

Venetian blinds can be made from wood, aluminium and other materials. The type of material that you decide on for your Venetian blinds will depend on your style, the location of the blinds and your budget. Insignia Shade and Shutter Company in Bournemouth offer great quality products that will suit a range of budgets, so you will be sure to find something to your taste.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are a chic addition to any room but are best suited for dry environments. Because wood can be warped by heat and moisture and affect the material integrity they shouldn’t be placed in rooms such as bathrooms or some kitchens. Venetian blinds made of wood add an elegant and cosy feel to the room they are in, the slats suit a variety of interior decor. Your style of decor will be enhanced with the beautiful Venetian blinds that Insignia Shade and Shutter Company can provide.

The wooden slats of Venetian blinds make them easy to clean of dust, to keep your blinds in pristine condition. They are also hard wearing and therefore can last you many years. To find out more about blind maintenance and repair. Have a look through our wooden Venetian blinds now and find the perfect blinds for your home interior.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds can suit any room even bathroom and kitchens. Heat and moisture will not affect the aluminium metal that the Venetian blinds are made from. The cool metal design will look beautiful in your windows, helping you to control the light levels in your home. The contemporary style aluminium Venetian blinds bring to a home will suit those with modern interiors. The quality blinds that Insignia Shade and Shutter Company in Bournemouth provide suit a range of interiors due to the neutral tone of the metal.

Aluminium material does not stain or warp as easily as wood which is why they are such a durable blind choice. Venetian blinds are also a quality choice for those on a budget. They will still look great and last for a many years to come without the extravagant cost. Have a look through our range of aluminium Venetian blinds and see if something catches your eye.

Venetian Blinds for your Bournemouth Property

For your quality venetian blinds in either wooden or aluminium material then get in contact with Insignia Shade and Shutter Company in Bournemouth. We are a family run business with a wealth of experience in supplying and installing blinds to both domestic and commercial properties across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.

Insignia Shade and Shutter Company has a highly trained team to install a range of different shading solutions into homes and other premises. We know how blinds and shutters can complete an interior and help you control the light exposure in your room. Insignia Shade and Shutter Company are based across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset with a showroom in Poole where you can see a range of our products. Get in contact with our friendly customer service team to discuss your Venetian blinds today.

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