Our Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Awning Looking & Working its Best all Year Round.

Palladio Awning

It’s that time of the year when you’re about to start prepping your outdoor awning for the Easter break & maybe your awning isn’t looking its best. Here are our tips & tricks to give your awning the care it needs to keep it working its best.

Awning Cleaning Tips

Keeping your awning clean has never been simpler by following these easy simple tips.

  • Make up your cleaning solution – We would recommend using warm soapy water and a sponge, soft bristle brush or cloth. We do not recommend using harsh chemicals on your awning as this can damage your Stoch guard & Teflon coatings.
  • Sweep off any debris – Loose sticks & leaves could damage your awning.
  • Gently wipe the awning cloth, frame, and cassette – Take your time & do not harshly rub the fabric.
  • Allow the awning to dry naturally – Before retracting the awning back in please ensure the fabric is dry. This will stop any moisture from being trapped inside which can cause rust & mould.

Alternatively, you can spot-clean your awning as and when required as things like bird poo, tree sap, oil, paint & rust can all leave marks on your awning fabric.

How often should I clean my awning?

We recommend cleaning your awning at least twice a year. This is just to ensure it stays looking its best all year round!

When should I remove my awning valance?

We would recommend removing your valance during the winter months, rolling it up & putting it back on in spring. This is because the rest of your fabric is protected against weather ailments, but the valance is not & can become mouldy or damaged.

How do I remove my awning valance?

  1. Bring the awning out a little way (about 1-2ft) so that the end caps on the front profile are visible (the front profile is the metal curved front bar that the main fabric attaches to, which moves forward as awning comes out)
  2. On each end of this profile bar, there is a plastic cover (covering the whole end of each bar) This cap must be gently but firmly removed (it has 2x lugs that locate into the main bar- they are just pushed in to place- no fixings- but can be quite tight to remove) If they prove troublesome, our fitter would recommend using a small piece of wood against the inside of the cap and a gentle tap with a hammer on the wood. Do this evenly on top and bottom until the cap is removed. Now repeat on the other cap.
  3. There is a small transport screw holding the valance in place on either side. These must BOTH be removed before removing valance.
  4. Now gently slide the valance out from the end (the rubber tube is part of the valance) Roll the valance up and store it somewhere dry for the winter.
  5. Replace both end caps on to awning. When correctly in place, move the awning back in again. Make sure caps are firmly in place as far as they can go on to the bar- as there is not much room between the caps and the awning body when closed. If caps are not pushed on correctly the awning may not close completely or may cause damage to the caps.

My remotes battery is dead what should I do?

The remote control for the awning has a button cell style battery which will need replacing in a few years’ time. These can be bought in most large supermarkets or online. This is not covered under your guarantee & we do not stock them.

We are only on the other end of the phone if you need any assistance so, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01202 741671 if you have any questions about your awning.

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