Garden Awnings

Are you looking for garden awnings in Hampshire ? Here at Insignia Shade and Shutter Company we offer five year guarantee on all awnings and have a wide selection of materials and fabrics to choose from. We also offer garden awnings in Hampshire and other regions of the UK.

Types of Garden Awning

We have a variety of garden awnings available here at Insignia Shade and Shutter Company these include:

  • The Italia Sunblind Awning
  • The Malta Awning
  • The Jamaica/Silver Plus Awning
  • The Palladio Awning
  • The Corsica Awning
  • The Dakar Awning

Contact us today for further information or browse our starting prices of our awnings.

Benefits of a Garden Awning

There are a range of benefits including:

  • Cools the home in summer
  • Protection from rain and sun
  • Can be operated manually or electrically dependent on choice

Additional Extras & Repairs for Awnings

You are able to purchase added extras for awnings, these include:

  • Electric awning with Somfy motors
  • Remote control motors
  • Bungalow brackets
  • Different body colours
  • Installation of a motor from your existing circuit
  • Wind or sun sensors

We also offer recovers and repairs to awnings. The make and supplier does not matter when it comes to repairs and recovers. Simply contact us and ask for help with your repair and we will give you a quote.

Commercial Garden Awnings

Do you have a business that could benefit from a garden awning? We have experience in installing commercial awnings and would be more than happy to assist you with your business requirements.

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Get in touch with our highly skilled survey and installation team today on 01202 741671 or via our online form.  We are more than happy to answer any of your questions you may have on our awnings. Insignia Shade and Shutter Company both installs and supplies awnings.

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