Could Hive Blinds save you money on your energy bills?

Hive blinds

While clearing out your fireplaces and stocking up on a little firewood is a good way to give yourself a head start, we have another way! Have you considered insulating your home with beautiful cellular blinds? Cellular blinds help by providing a stronger extra layer of defence against any draft coming into the home, therefore slowing down the process of heat loss through your windows. 

What are Hive blinds?

Hive is a special type of fabric which is constructed with a unique honeycomb structure like a bee’s hive. The cellular honeycomb design holds a layer of air which acts as an insulator & helps improve the climate of your home. This clever design means that on cooler days while the blind is down it keeps the heat in your home and on warmer days it helps block some of the heat out resulting in money savings.

Can Hive Blinds look stylish?

Yes, with multiple styles & colours available the Hive system can look stylish along with its practical elements. The Hive system is available as a perfect fit (full frame), Intu (top & bottom frame only) & free hanging system.

stylish hive blinds

What are the other benefits?

Blackout These blinds offer additional light control along with their insulation properties.

Fire Retardant – Giving you peace of mind for those areas where flames may be present.

Anti-Static – These blinds repel dust allowing your blind stays cleaner for longer.

Moisture Resistant – Prevents dampness, stopping mould from forming meaning these blinds are perfect for any room in your home.

Made from recycled fabrics – We all want to do our bit for the environment, that is why we work with a range of fabrics which has been created using material that has been derived from post-consumer recycled plastic.

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