Caring for your Shutters & Venetian Blinds.

Caring for your Shutters & Venetian Blinds.

Shutters & Venetian Blinds are very stylish, practical options for your home. However, as I’m sure anyone who’s already got a set could tell you, they can gather dust at an alarming rate!

Fortunately, there are some simple, effective methods of caring for and cleaning your blinds that won’t damage them, and that only take a few minutes – so you can go back to enjoying your home instead of cleaning!

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Handy Tools for Maintaining Your Blinds.

  • Duster – Quick, efficient, and budget-friendly, a duster can quickly spruce up your blinds. They wouldn’t be our first choice for a deep clean, but for day-to-day cleaning, they’re great for regular maintenance.
  • Microfiber Cloth– Containing small fibres that trap dust, these cloths can be used dry or with a cleaning product to provide more of a deep clean. They’re also reusable and can last a few years before needing to be replaced, although they may not be suitable for all pets so, please check with your local vets first.
  • Socks– Running short on time & got guests about to arrive when you notice dust on the blinds? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Simply place the sock over your hand and run it over the slats and done just in the nick of time.
  • Tumble Dryer Sheets– This is Mrs Hinch’s go-to for cleaning her blinds and it’s a great option, dryer sheets can be used for gathering dust as particles easily stick to them.
  • A Dry Sponge– Much like microfibre cloths, dry sponges easily attract dust and can help to remove stubborn marks from wooden blinds in a quick and easy way just please leave the scourger side out of the equation as this could damage your lovely new blinds. These also fit perfectly between the slats, making this a handy tool to have, and if you’re like me you always have a spare one under the sink!
  • Blind Cleaner – These can be purchased via any local DIY or home store and have three prongs to help speed through your cleaning, but they are not essential to keeping your blind clean. Each prong has a microfibre cloth that easily cleans dust and stains from your wooden blinds.
Caring for your Shutters & Venetian Blinds.

Prepare The Space

Now we have talked about the right tools, you need to prepare your blinds and the surrounding areas for cleaning. You do not need to remove the blinds from your window. All you need to do is remove any objects such as vases or picture frames that you may have on your window ledges. This gives you easy access to the blind without the chance of knocking your favourite vase off & breaking it.

How To Clean Your Blinds

When cleaning, first ensure that there are no dirt marks or stains. If you can visibly see some, remove these with a damp cloth or sponge. Once the mark or stain is removed, dry the area completely, and then you can tackle the dust on the rest of the slats. If you’re using a duster or a sponge, you’re likely to reach most of the dust without too much hassle, but if you’re using wipes, always pull the string and clean the underside of the slats on your blinds.

Please do NOT soak them in water or use any harsh chemicals on them- doing so can warp the wood and change the shape and colour of the slats entirely resulting in your blinds being damaged.

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