Caring for your Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

These lovely hassle-free blinds do not require much cleaning at all as their use of them keeps the fabric free of dust. If your blind came with a pelmet which hides the roll of material this will require dusting but other than that the cleaning of these blinds is super simple.

Handy Tools for Maintaining Roller Blinds

Duster – Quick, efficient, and budget friendly, a duster can quickly spruce up your roller blinds. They wouldn’t be our first choice to a deep clean, but for day to day cleaning they’re great for regular maintenance.

Microfiber Cloth- Containing small fibres that trap dust, these cloths can be used dry or with a cleaning product to provide more of a deep clean. They’re also reusable and can last a few years before needing to be replaced, although they may not be suitable for all pets so, please check with your local vets first.

Prepare The Space

Now we have talked about the right tools, you need to prepare your blinds and the surrounding areas for cleaning. You do not need to remove the blinds from your window. All you need to do is remove any objects such as vases or picture frames that you may have on your window ledges. This gives you easy access to the blind without the chance of knocking your favourite vase off & breaking it.

How To Clean Your Roller Blind

If you have purchased a UPVC material, then you are able to use warm soapy water to keep the fabric clean. If you have purchased a fabric material, then we do advise a damp cloth to try & remove any marks- for best results please do this as soon as you notice the mark.

Please do NOT soak the material in water or use any harsh chemicals on them- doing so can warp the material & change the colour entirely resulting in your new blinds being damaged.

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