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Vision & Mirage Blinds

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This style blind also known as Day and Night blinds is a stunning addition to any window. Thanks to their double roll system of half voile & half standard roller blind they offer you flexibility over your window space.

Whatever the time of day you can enjoy the sunshine as the voile part of these blinds has a light filtering system reducing the glare and when you want to the blind closes to ensure your privacy.

With a mixture of natural colours along with bright colours & patterns available these blinds can offer a beautiful modern finish to your home.

What can these blinds offer me?

  • Stylish simple design
  • Lots of stunning fabric options
  • Works in the same way as a roller blind
  • Enhances your privacy
  • Glare reducing & light filtering
  • Can be motorised


We must follow the legal standards (EN 13120) for child safety. If you opt for this style blind, it will be fitted with a child safety device to the wall retaining the chain safely. Motorising your blind is the safest way to make your blind child safety compliant as there is no chain at all & allows ease of movement at the press of a button.

Well, this does change depending on your fabric choice and pelmet choice along with the size of your window. A member of our sales team will be able to provide you with your free, no-obligation quote based on your requirements.

There is a blackout fabric option available, sadly this is not a very effective blackout solution though as you will still have light leakage between the panels and around the edges of the blind.

No, people outside would not be able to see anything of the inside not even the movement close to the window, nor any outlines. If you do have your lights on however people will be able to see through the voile part of the blinds.

If your room is well-ventilated yes, these blinds can work in your bathroom. We would not advise them to be used anywhere where they can be splashed with water though.

You can use a duster or microfibre cloth to keep your blinds clean, but we do not recommend using a hoover or a steam cleaner as these can damage the delicate fabric. You can use a slightly damp cloth to remove any staining but make sure you have rinsed out as much water as possible.

Yes! We can line your blinds up so that when they are up or down, they will stay in alignment for you. This is even easier to manage using our motorisation option (Link here to motorised blinds) as you can control all the blinds at once or one by one.

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