Allusion Blinds

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Allusion Blinds created by Louvolite offer a unique shading solution for your home thanks to its subtle light diffusion & flexibility.

When the blind is open during the day it will filter the daylight through while still offering a view outside while the blind is closed, it offers you privacy thanks to its combination of sheer & opaque textured fabric. With a totally unique feature, you can walk through the blind to your outside space while still retaining the ambience in your room.

Allusion blinds look fantastic over larger windows, bi-folding or patio doors to ensure you can see its full elegance and flow.

Allusion Blind

What can these blinds offer me?

  • Track can be motorised to tilt the panels.
  • Choice of 2 styles of fabric and 5 choices of colours
  • Full view with privacy
  • White, Anthracite or Black track available
  • Light Filtering
  • Soft flowing panels that look elegant in any setting.

Fabrics & Colours

Classic colours on trend to add a touch of style to your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

These blinds are designed with a unique structure which is a combination of sheet & opaque textured fabric. Thanks to this structure while your blind is in the daytime mode you will be able to see the outside while filtering the amount of light that enters your home.

Yes, thanks to their individual slats you can walk through them.

You will receive our 2-year guarantee with these blinds.

Yes, your track can be motorised to tilt the drapes, but it will not pull the drapes across your window.

Yes, these blinds work on a pole system which is hooked onto both ends of the blinds. This is used to move the drapes out of the window along with twisting the pole will tilt the drapes as you wish. We must follow the legal standards (EN 13120) for child safety.

You can use a slightly damp cloth, but we would not advise using anything else or chemicals on this product as it could damage it.

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